Medical Billing Specialist

The job of the medical billing specialist is not to be trifled with. Where so much is at stake, physicians, health care organizations, and hospitals prefer to hire medical billing specialists and coders who are properly trained and skilled in their respective fields. Some even require their medical billing specialists to have graduated from approved training programs designed with input from professional associations.

The training for medical billing specialists and coders is wide in range and broad in scope. This is because the occupation itself has a wide range of responsibilities that embraces almost every aspect of the medical industry. To reach proficiency in this profession, proper and basic training is required. Not only that, medical billing specialists also need clinical supervision and continued professional education.

Initially however, training on the job or simple certificates from home study programs may suffice in landing you a medical billing specialist’s job in a smaller family practice. But in the long run, the vastness of the medical billing market may show you distinctly that it will take more than just a home course to succeed in this business. In fact majority of medical billing specialists and coders have all received their training at formal vocational training institutions and some even attended two to four years of college and hold an associate degree. Competition in the market is harsh and in order for you to survive, you need all the necessary tools and knowledge to back you up.

Training on the Job

Training on the job for medical billing specialists will have to depend on the employer. Depending on the type of training, your existing skills may develop even further in intensity and duration with on the job trainings.

Each medical office is different from the rest. When it’s your first time to land a job as a medical billing specialist, your supervisor will be the one to supervise your training. Usually, the supervisors themselves will spend a great deal of time training you and the rest of the new medical billing specialists, often one-on-one. The process can take several weeks and sometimes even months. But that’s only with regards to basic skills. It could take up to two years to reach that level of proficiency which veteran professionals have.


Proficiency is what employers are looking for in their medical billing specialists. Anyone can manage billing and accounts payable but only very few can actually handle it with the degree of accuracy and efficiency which the field has come to expect.

Medical billing specialists must be proficient in identifying data as it relates to submitting an insurance claim for reimbursement. They must also have a solid understanding of the rules involved.

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