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Medical billing companies these days are a dime-a-dozen. On the internet especially, where medical billing services are touted as work at home opportunities, these types of companies are all over the place. There are lots of myths and facts surrounding such companies. But one thing’s for sure though, the service itself is legitimate.

When you are looking at medical billing companies, the immediate benefit of choosing one should be to increase your reimbursements. After all, this is what medical billing services are all about.

Medical billing services should be more efficient and effective at medical billing that your own office. The medical billing services offered by your chosen company should let you and your personnel focus on the medical side of your practice.

But what exactly are medical services?

Medical billing is first of all a process. It is that process of submitting claims to insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by a health care provider. When you offer medical billing services and assistance to doctors and other health care providers that is when it becomes a service.

Medical billing services often begin with the office visit. Since doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other health care workers are usually busy focusing on their field, an independent medical billing agent can handle the tedious paperwork that unavoidably comes with this type of service.

The information gathered by the doctor after the initial visit of the patient is used to create or update the patient’s medical record. Such record contains a summary of treatment and demographic information related to the patient. Diagnosis is also given to the patient based on the symptoms shown.

The diagnosis, treatment, and duration of service combine to determine the procedure code that will be used to bill the insurance. You, as a specialist in medical billing services, part of your job is to consolidate all these pieces of information. This is then called the billing record, which is really just a piece of paper (usually on a standardized form called an HCFA) or electronic.

The billing record is the output of medical billing services. It serves as your claim which you will then submit either to a clearinghouse or directly to the insurance company. Often, medical billing services providers deal directly with insurance companies. But sometimes, though medical billing agents also go through the clearinghouse, which actually acts as an intermediary for the information. The clearinghouse is often the place you will typically go to if your billing record is electronically generated.

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